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Christian Rehab

Christian Drug Rehab

Christian rehab centers keep your faith in the recovery process.

Christian rehab programs provide a faith based approach to addiction treatment that is heavily guided upon the principles of the Christian religion and faith in God as a higher power. When an individual is facing the harsh reality of addiction, sometimes reconnecting with one’s faith is the best answer and can provide an excellent support mechanism for a full recovery. Christian rehab programs help individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol to seek help from a “higher power” and rebuild their spirituality in the process.

What to Expect at Christian Rehab

Every Christian rehab program is different and some are very heavily based on faith providing little support for the physical aspects of addiction while others are more rounded and provide care for both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. What you can expect at most Christian rehab programs is to receive religious guidance during every facet of the addiction treatment process and to receive a strong religious presence throughout the treatment program.

Christian rehab programs provide many options for individuals to attend church services, group meetings that are spiritually guided and often moderated by a priest, pastor or other member of the clergy, and ample time to pray and reflect on their own situation. You can expect to spend the majority of the day praying, attending bible sessions or reading scripture when you are in a Christian rehab program.

Who Needs Christian Rehab?

Christian rehab programs are primarily reserved for those who have a strong faith in the Christian religion and who believe in God as a higher power. Individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and who are having trouble finding the faith and power to overcome the addiction can greatly benefit from the spiritual guidance that is provided at Christian rehab programs. Anyone with the following addictions could benefit from the counseling, support and therapy that is provided at Christian rehab programs:

  • Heroin addiction
  • Alcohol addiction or alcoholism
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Prescription medication addiction
  • Marijuana addiction

If you have a strong connection to your faith in Christian principles and the bible or you are looking to become reconnected with your own faith and spirituality then you could be an excellent candidate for Christian rehab. Christian rehab programs can help individuals get in touch with God and rebuild their own faith to overcome addiction to a range of drugs, alcohol or other substances.