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Affordable Rehab

Affordable Rehab

Finding affordable rehab doesn’t have to be impossible.

For many, the mere thought of paying for addiction treatment can seem impossible but affordable rehab centers do exist and there are programs available for those on even a very tight budget. Affordable rehab programs come in all shapes and sizes but typically are either offered on a sliding fee scale, are backed by a religious organization or church or are subsidized by the government.

Affordable Rehab: The Sliding Fee Scale

A sliding fee scale takes into account the income of an individual and the cost of the rehab program then adjusts the actual cost to the individual based on their income. An individual who is on a tight financial budget can find great solace in a sliding fee scale because this type of fee structure is most often affordable for any budget range. For instance, an affordable rehab program may typically cost in excess of five thousand dollars but with a sliding fee scale the addict may only be required to pay 10% or even less than that. The way that the rehab center determines the cost for the individual is based on their income and their ability to pay for treatment.

Affordable Rehab: Religious Organizations and Churches

Many religious organizations provide affordable rehab programs for members of their group and others within the community. Your church may even offer an affordable rehab program or the church may provide subsidies for individuals to get the help that they need. Most religious organizations are willing to help individuals within the community to either pay for their addiction treatment or at least find a local rehab center that has an affordable option available.

Affordable Rehab: Government Subsidies

Many affordable rehab programs are subsidized by the government. For instance, the affordable rehab program may only charge 15% for services but then the government subsidizes the program by paying the remaining 85% of the total cost of the rehab program for each individual accepted. Government subsidies are a common way for affordable rehab programs to continue to operate despite the very low cost that is charged to patients. The government is willing to pay these subsidies in order to prevent crime and other complications typically associated with addiction within the community.

Types of Affordable Rehab Programs

There are many types of affordable rehab programs but generally the most common affordable rehab program that is offered is the outpatient program. Outpatient rehab programs do not provide housing and around the clock monitoring which can become very costly but they do provide many other services including counseling, therapy and medication administration. There are some affordable rehab programs that are offered on an inpatient basis but these tend to be more difficult to find.

Inpatient rehab programs provide around the clock medical supervision, intervention, close monitoring and housing during the addiction treatment process. Most inpatient rehab programs that offer affordable rehab services do so by providing flexible financing options or a sliding free scale. Flexible financing options include various ways of making specially tailored payment plans that can meet the distinct financial needs of the addict. If you are searching for affordable rehab, consider talking with the treatment center of your choice about flexible financing options and other payment structures.