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Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

Substance abuse rehab

Substance abuse rehab can give you the support you need to recover.

Substance abuse rehab programs provide individuals with a safe atmosphere where they can get help for addiction to a range of substances. Substance abuse is defined as the excessive use and related dependence on an addictive substance such as drugs or alcohol. In most cases, substance abuse is considered the use of illegal or illicit substances such as street drugs but it also includes the abuse or excessive use or alcohol or a full range of prescription medications that may or may not be prescribed to the individual.

Substance abuse can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or social status. This disease is not prejudice, meaning it does not care who it affects. Individuals both young and old, rich and poor can be affected by substance abuse and may require treatment in a substance abuse rehab program in order to fully recover from this dangerous condition. Substance abuse is considered a progressive disease that gets worse as the individual uses more drugs. Because of the rapid progression of substance abuse, the condition is best dealt with when it is caught early on and the individual receives help, counseling and guidance at substance abuse rehab program.

Substance Abuse Rehab Programs Help Addicts Cope

Individuals who are addicted to various substances can experience a range of symptoms including a strong physical and psychological desire to use the drugs or to drink the alcohol. Substance abuse rehab programs help addicts to cope with the following symptoms of substance abuse:

  • Cravings
  • Physical dependence
  • Psychological dependence
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, shaking, or other physical symptoms associated the abrupt quitting of drugs

When an individual stops using drugs abruptly they are often subject to a range of mild, moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms which can include physical and psychological effects. Luckily, substance abuse rehab programs have skilled addiction counselors and medical staff that are prepared to help addicts to overcome the physical and psychological symptoms of substance abuse.

Choosing the Right Substance Abuse Rehab

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol and requires help you may be wondering how to choose the best substance abuse rehab program for your individual situation. There are many different substance abuse rehab programs offered at rehab centers throughout the country. The most common substance abuse rehab programs include inpatient and outpatient substance abuse rehab.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

Inpatient substance abuse rehab programs provide individuals with around the clock medical monitoring and supervision in a facility where the addict will live for the duration of the treatment process. These programs provide the added benefit of helping individuals to maintain their sobriety by reducing their ability to get drugs or alcohol by requiring them to live in a monitored facility for the treatment. Inpatient substance abuse rehab programs can provide medical intervention in the event of an emergency during the dangerous drug detox phase or following detox during the long term recovery process. These programs are considered the most effective and safest type of substance abuse rehab.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

Outpatient substance abuse rehab programs provide limited monitoring to individuals on an outpatient basis. In most cases, the addicts who receive help for their addiction by these programs have already completed an inpatient treatment program successfully and receive long term follow up care and support by an outpatient substance abuse rehab program. Many of the services that are provided by inpatient substance abuse rehab programs are also offered at outpatient substance abuse rehab programs including counseling, therapy, social services and medication administration.

Regardless of the type of substance abuse rehab program that you choose the ultimate goal is the sameā€”to get the help that you need to make a full recovery from addiction and learn how to live without substances in your life. With the help of the specialized addiction counselors and medical staff at substance abuse rehab centers, you too can recover from addiction and regain control of your life.