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Christian Drug Rehab Programs

Christian drug rehab programs provide men and women who suffer from addiction with a safe place to get the help that they need to overcome this devastating condition under the guidance and care of the Christian religion. Christian drug rehab programs are organized by priests, pastors and deacons who are invested in helping others who suffer from addiction to get the help they need and regain control of their lives.

The Goals of Christian Drug Rehab Programs

Like other drug rehab programs, Christian drug rehab programs have a common goal of helping individuals learn how to effectively overcome the physical and psychological strongholds of addiction and ultimately live sober. However, Christian drug rehab programs also have an additional goal of helping the addict to find God during their treatment. Christian drug rehab programs aim at helping addicts cleanse themselves of addiction and regain their spiritual side.

Christian drug rehab programs focus heavily on the spiritual healing aspect rather than so much on the medical treatment that is necessary to help an addict recover from addiction. Spirituality is deeply encompassed in the teachings and guidance of Christian drug rehab programs. The Bible is readily used during the instruction and counseling for individuals during recovery in a Christian drug rehab program.

Who Benefits from Christian Drug Rehab Programs?

Christian drug rehab programs are not for everyone. Those who are not deeply rooted in the Christian faith and principles or who do not wish to be deeply rooted in such principles may not find the Christian drug rehab programs to be as effective as some other non faith based rehab programs. While Christian rehab programs will usually accept anyone who is interested in receiving treatment at these facilities, this type of spiritual based treatment (like other treatments) are not a one size fits all method.

Individuals who are readily willing to receive treatment in an environment where they believe that Jesus Christ is their “higher power” and can help them to overcome their addiction will benefit greatly from the help provided by Christian drug rehab programs. Christian drug rehab is an excellent foundational basis for Christian’s who suffer from addiction to get the effective guidance, counseling and support that they need to fully recover from addiction.

What to Expect at Christian Drug Rehab Programs

Christian drug rehab programs offer clinical, medical and psychiatric support for individuals suffering from a range of drug addictions including heroin addiction, methamphetamine addiction, and prescription medication addiction. When an addict enters into a Christian drug rehab program they will first receive a medical and psychological examination to determine their individual needs. Many Christian drug rehab programs offer detox services to help individuals overcome the physical symptoms of addiction which could include dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Following the detox phase, Christian drug rehab programs will provide the following services to help individuals overcome the psychological dependence they have on drugs:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Treatment for dually diagnosed conditions (dual diagnosis treatment)
  • Follow Up care
  • Relapse prevention care

While many of the services provided at Christian drug rehab programs are the same as those provided at traditional rehab programs the philosophy from one program to the next is quite different. Christian drug rehab programs incorporate the readings of the Bible, prayer and other Christian based teaching methods into the treatment program to boost spirituality and improve on one’s belief of God as a “higher power.”