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Free Alcohol Rehab

Free Alcohol Treatment

Free alcohol treatment can help you recovery without the worry of the final bill.

Free alcohol rehab? It may sound too good to be true but the reality is that there are actually a number of free alcohol rehab options offered throughout the country. While there are not as many free alcohol rehab centers as there are paid alcohol rehab centers if you know what to look for, finding a free alcohol rehab center that can provide you with the help and support you need to effectively overcome alcohol addiction is possible.

Consider the overall picture:

    • What type of alcohol rehab program do you need?
    • How can you find a local free alcohol rehab program that offers the services you need?
    • What are you willing to do to get the help that you need?
    • Where are free alcohol rehab programs offered?

Types of Free Rehab Programs

There are many different reasons why a rehab program may be free but most importantly, it must be effective. There are different types of free rehab centers that range from offering sliding fee structures to those which are supported or funded by the government or another subsidy. Free alcohol rehab programs are not offered to everyone because it costs a lot of money to offer programs such as these to the public. Luckily, many free alcohol rehab programs and mental health clinics receive some type of government funding or subsidy.

Sliding Fee Structures

Many free alcohol rehab programs offer what is known as a sliding fee structure in which the fee for treatment is based on an individual’s income. If you receive some type of state assistance or you are unemployed, underemployed or otherwise at a poverty level you may qualify for a free alcohol rehab program. Under a sliding fee scale you will only pay a portion of the cost of treatment and in many cases will not be required to pay for treatment at all.

Under the sliding fee structure, although not everyone will qualify for completely free alcohol rehab chances are the price will be affordable. The government subsidizes the total cost of the alcohol rehab which allows you to receive quality addiction treatment at a quality price. Sometimes the sliding fee structure of a free alcohol rehab program is enough to make the services affordable to the general public and those at or below poverty level.

Religious and Community Offerings

Many religious groups and community support groups offer free alcohol rehab programs. Some churches will provide group and individual counseling that is administered by a priest or another counselor for free or they may provide a local alcohol rehab center with donations to pay for the cost of treatment for their members or another member of the community. If you are looking for a free alcohol rehab program in your area but have had trouble finding an alcohol rehab center that is funded by the government, consider contacting your local church to ask for help. You may be surprised and find that your church will pay for the total cost of your alcohol treatment in an effort to help.