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Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Holistic alcohol rehab heals you as a person.

Holistic alcohol rehab encompasses the idea of treating an individual as a whole and not just treating the addiction. Holistic treatment addresses the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual affects of alcohol addiction so that the addict can heal completely. This type of rehab is focused on the idea that when an individual is addicted to alcohol, every aspect of their life is affected by the condition and therefore in order to fully recover, every aspect of that person’s life must be treated. Holistic alcohol rehab programs provide treatment for the mind, body and soul of the addict for a rounded approach to wellness.

Services Provided at Holistic Alcohol Rehab Centers

Holistic alcohol rehab centers provide many of the same services that a traditional alcohol rehab center will offer but they also offer a range of services that are aimed at helping addicts heal their spiritual, emotional and mental areas in addition to healing physically. Some of the most common services provided by holistic alcohol rehab centers include traditional therapy, counseling and a range of non traditional therapies.

Individual and group counseling is provided for alcoholics in a holistic alcohol rehab program. Most of the time, the counseling is conducted by a therapist who hold’s a Master’s degree or higher to assure that the best possible care is being provided. Therapists at holistic alcohol rehab programs are versed in a range of therapeutic methods which include psychodrama, equine therapy, art therapy, adventure based therapy, massage therapy, and many traditional methods of treatment such as group meetings, 12 step treatment and many non twelve step methods.

Alcohol Detox at a Holistic Alcohol Rehab Center

When an addict enters treatment the very vital first step to any quality treatment program will be to safely and effectively rid the body of the substance to eliminate physical dependence. For an individual entering a holistic alcohol rehab program, alcohol detox is the very first step of the treatment process. Holistic alcohol rehab centers help individuals to overcome the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal by providing a range of treatments including:

  • exercise to help sweat out toxins
  • nutritional diets that help to flush the body
  • massage to help the addict deal with pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal
  • yoga and meditation to help heal the spiritual side
  • medication for intense withdrawal symptoms

Together, the various treatments that are provided for an addict during the alcohol detox process will help them to effectively rid the body of alcohol, overcome any physical withdrawal symptoms and prepare for long term holistic alcohol rehab. Once the individual has successfully overcome the physical withdrawal phase and is completely detoxed, they can begin the therapeutic treatment to help them heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab Works

The reason that so many people now choose to enter a holistic alcohol rehab program is quite simple—holistic alcohol rehab works! An integrative approach to treatment that includes specialized care for the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of the patient assures a whole body, rounded approach to treatment. Individuals who enter holistic alcohol rehab come out feeling restored, confident and ready to rebuild their lives. Physically, individuals who have successfully completed a holistic alcohol rehab program are restored, emotionally they are strong and spiritually they are guided. Holistic alcohol rehab programs are highly effective at helping individuals overcome alcoholism, regain control of their lives and live free from addiction to alcohol.